5 Ways to beat the Bookies

As you may know and seen , beating the bookies in their own game seems so hard to the majority of the punters out there.Even the most experienced punters and bettors may fall a victim of this in one way or another.But now we are going to see 5 ways of beating the bookies.

Lets see how we miss and where to focus to improve our winning rates

  1. Have a good staking plan always
  2. Bet on the sport you know
  3. Make analysis of the bet you want to place
  4. Accept loss and move on
  5. Keep records of your performance.

Now Lets look at each of these individually and in detail.


Have a good staking plan always

A staking plan as it sounds is to have a plan in your staking,simple. Don’t just wake one morning with $1000 and place half if not all in betting.In most cases such bets lose.Why?

  • You will be driven by impulse and most times you will not make analysis of the game
  • When you lose all,It will be a very deep and painful cut on your side.
  • Staking plans help to provide and ground floor plan for keeping records as well as predict performance.

Let’s go to the second and see that too

Bet on the sport that you know

Never bet on the sport that you are not familiar with.You might most likely make a mistake when placing a bet or may not even have a clue on it.Betting on a sport that you know gives you the upper hand on beating the bookies.

You will certainly never beat the bookies if you keep betting on the sport that you don’t know know.Unless you are buying betting tips.And even so if you don’t know the sport,you may fail to find the exact spot to place the bet on the bookmarker page.This is a result because you are clueless.

Make Analysis of the bet you want to place

Never forget to make an analysis of the game you want to bet on.Why? Because the teams playing maybe the first and second in their league with a point difference all wanting to to win the league.Now such a match is so had to predict as most likely it will end in a draw.But since you know team A is good you forget team B is good that why its second. Thus you follow the lowest odds of team A.

You might get lucky,but most cases that will be a gamble.By all means avoid that match because that match prediction will be a tough one for ordinary punters.When making analysis , get team news,injuries and even the possible line up to see your chances of winning.

Accept Loss and Move On

If you lose a bet,accept the loss and move on.This is my golden Rule.Why? Because most unprofessional punters will go on trying to recover the loss. Lets see at some of the reasons that make this a dangerous move.

  • You most certainly will place a bigger stake in order to recover the lost stake and also gain profit.
  • You will look for the highest possible odd which you think will win.
  • There is no time to make the analysis of the match

Never chase a loss.One who accepts defeat but lives to fight another day , is a winner in the long run.Even the most experienced bettors will have a period of a losing streak.This is not strange in this line of business.

Keep records of your performance

Keeping records is very vital for any business model which wants to know the loss or profit.Keeping records is helpful as it will help you understand your current status.If you don’t keep records,its hard to know whether you are in profit or loss.

You see placing those bets for instance ,you place 30 bets of $10 each and lose all.Then one day ,you place another and win like $100.From the example you might be happy you have but in reality the bookie has won.WHY? 

Because you lost more than you have won.But if you keep a record of all your bets,you will know this and it will help you to strengthen your weak spot.

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5 ways of beating the bookies