Betting tips : $5000 Profit Made in January 2017.How?

This January made a good performance. 5000 Profit made from Footy Profit Tips on our VIP page. The VIP members made a good start this Year.This is just the beginning.Now I will give you betting tips to be successful too!

5 Things punters should consider to make consistent profit

  • Betting is a business like any other business out there.The bookmarkers know this very well,and so should you.
  • Every punter whether professional or a beginner should always keep record of past performance.
  • Singles and double bets make most profit to the punters in the long run.
  • Do not chase lost bets.If you have lost,accept and move on.
  • Have staking plans

Now let’s go through each of them and see the impact on the final profit

  1. Betting is a business like any other business out there

    Now that you have decided to carry on to betting as one of your business,you should take it seriously. Just like any other business,you ought to have discipline and willingness to make profit in the long run.

Just any business owner,losses are never wanted.Now you are the owner here of this business and you want to reduce losses to a minimum.Free Football betting predictions are good,but ask yourself “Are they worth it?

Since we are aiming at making profit,think of a website that has good previous performance as well as a legit and clean name.There are a lot of junk and scum sites all over the internet. STAY AWAY  from sites that pretend to offer FIXED MATCHES.That’s a lie and they over price this so that you are enticed and just run away with your hard earned money.

  1. Every punter should keep past performance records

Every Punter should have previous performance records. This is to help you know your standing at the moment,whether in profit or loss. You will be surprised when you find out how bookies make money from the small bets you lose.

If you have chosen a tipster or a paid sport prediction website, remember to check this element before making any further plans.

  1. Singles and doubles make most profit

Yes and Yes.Singles and doubles win most of the times.Bookies lose a lot of money in single and double bets.

Lets take this example:

A punter who places a bet with 10+ teams to win.Because the punter wants to maximize profit from this from just  $10 lets say with odds of 20.In most cases you lose all the time.

But say,you place a single with odds of 1.6 average on 10 outcomes.If you win 8+ then you are in profit.Now compare the two.Remember you will be doing this on a daily basis.If you keep losing ,you will be left with nothing to bet with.

  1. Do not chase lost bets.

If you have lost a bet accept this bitter fact and move on.High chances are that you will select a team with relatively high odds and stake more.Now one thing that you should have known by now is that high odds mean less likely to happen.

You can place this bet but remember,if you lose the bet you will have lost a lot and it will hurt the bankroll heavily.But if you win,you will have recovered. Serious punters don’t do this.Most times you will lose such a bet.

  1. Have staking plans.

Staking plans are very essential in making consistent bet profit from betting.This is ideal as to track the loss and profit.

If you have known stake,it will help you subtract the loss or profit and remain with the profit amount or loss.

Always have a staking plans. Some time later on, will write a post on how to choose a good staking plan and post more betting tips.



Now  you have the basic knowledge of how to manage your bets make more profit. It’s time you put that to action.

Remember,you need to have discipline to win in this business.

Always have a staking plan ,use singles and doubles always. Follow these betting tips and you will improve your betting performance.

And Good Luck from Happy Punting !