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“ Yeah, I think he is committed to him. First of all, because I remember he came into the picture very early at 16, .”

“, It’s never easy at that age. He went to Madrid and everybody worked out. He’s done a lot of lawn as well in Spain, And you know now we become like complete players.

I think it’s credited as well to hockey in Arsenal because to recognize and to go and get him and sign him and make him captain and make him their main player is credited to them. But I think it’s not just the way he played and the goals he’s scored and the passages the RCC in the level is set up. The press is very good as well, We’ll start in the place as well, and I think that’s important. You know because I think people see him as a luxury player, but he’s not. He can defend score goals, obviously assist and I think he always delivers.

martin odengad

Captain performance He’s been very, very good this season and I think he does have a lot of credit for that. How fair is it to say when he’s at Real Madrid, it was hard to know what player he was because you’re such a big club with such a big name. Is it fair to say Arsenal? We have seen and discovered what type of player what his best position is, who he is and with the captain’s armband that gives him the confidence to be that player. Yeah absolutely, And I do think as well when he was playing for Madrid.

He was young and I think he needed about time and big clubs. Don’t necessarily give you the time. You know if you don’t come and perform, they put you on the side really And the Real Madrid jersey room is big, big character. And if you don’t settle, you know, you’re gon na have to leave And Arsenal. You know is very comfortable there.

The players make him, you know made him welcome and he feels and when you’re confident you know you deliver your best football And in being named captain as well. It’s given him probably more confidence and he’s been so good since this season and it’s been good to see. Okay, they are eight points clear at the top, as we sit here watching them train. We know they had this huge game at the weekend. Do they have what it takes to maintain this title challenge for you?

arsenal 2022-23 season

Are they now, at this moment favorites to win it Yeah? It’s definitely a favorite to win it and I think they will do it this season, because I think at the beginning of the season, and even until a couple of weeks ago, everyone was saying ,’Oh, they haven’t, played a big team yet ,’ and they did and The performance in win games, So you know my personal opinion.

I think they will do it. I think the only concern we can have is if they have an injury or the guard go injured like how’s it going to look like. I think we have to talk about the partnership between Partly and in soccer He’s been very, very good this season, as well with all the trouble he had with the club before You know, I think he deserves a lot of credit and defensively as well he’s very Good, I think, a couple of years ago we were saying they need a big center half You know, Saliba and Gabriel have been very good.

The partnerships working very well Soccer has been doing very good as well scoring goals and Martinelli has been good. You know I can go through the whole team. They’Ve been very, very good and if they manage to keep everyone fit, I think they’ll be winning the Premier League this season, .”

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