Premier League star Charlie Adam has offered up an insight into the widespread use of a supplement that has been banned from sale in the UK since 1992.

Stoke star Adam told BBC Radio 5 Live that Snus has become ‘big in the game’ in recent years, as he claimed players from all four divisions of the professional game are using the product, which can be bought over the internet for a modest sum.

Snus, which is popular in Scandinavia, comes in the form of small pouches that are placed on the gums, providing a tobacco hit that is three-time the strength of one cigarette.

Some medical experts claim Snus enhances performance, but Adam suggested the product that has been used by Leicester striker Jamie Vardy is merely used as a relaxant.

“I found they helped me chill out,” stated Vardy when he was asked about Snus last year. “A lot more footballers use them than people realise, and some  even play with them in matches.”

Now Adam has confirmed that the product is being widely used by footballers, as he suggested he was unaware of any performance enhancing benefits.

“It’s the in thing,” declared Adam on BBC Radio 5. “Loads of people are doing it. It’s big in the game. There are different strengths of it.”

Currently on WADA watchlist, Snus is not banned as a performance enhancer, but the widespread use of the substance has raised eyebrows in recent days, with Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola asked about the story in his press conference on Friday.

Confirming City’s team doctor has spoken to him about the use of Snus, he offered up these comments: “I know about that only this morning when the doctor came into my office to talk about that. I don’t know the benefits or pleasure of that. I will ask.”