The 5 Secrets Of Football Betting To Win

The 5 Secrets Of Football Betting To Win that anyone serious about betting should be using as a way of life. These are like golden rules that one should not EVER think of breaking If you want to be successful . For a bettor who depends on betting for his daily bread , discipline should be the number one priority.


Betting is very addictive and even the very experienced in betting sometimes fall in this trap. The nature of the system just is enough to let you know that you are trading on fragile grounds. But Let’s look on the bright side, FREE CASH ! Nothing is rewards and makes you feel good as winning that bet after the vigorous research made to guarantee your win.

Now Let’s Look at the 5 Secrets of Football Betting to Win your Bets

  1. Stake Bankroll Management

The 5 Secrets Of Football Betting To Win


Managing your Bankroll may be a big concern if the main focus is to do betting that is profitable in the long run. One thing to remember is ,no bet is a SURE BET . The nature of football ( we mean soccer here ) is dynamic and fragile . An unplanned red card can ruin a bet even for the very best clubs out there.  Take a look at the UEFA game played on the 5th November 2019 between Ajax and Chelsea. Ajax were the favorites to win , oh boy they played good ball,  Chelsea 1 – 3 Ajax in the first half. Then the red cards started coming up , and then the match ended in a 4 – 4 draw.

Do not bet on any amount of money that you cannot afford to lose . Any Bets placed should not have a direct impact on your money in case of a loss. 1 -5 % of your money is ideal for betting .

You should place bets ranging between 1 – 5 % of your bankroll for inexperienced bettors . Professional and experts should stake not more than 10 – 20 % of the bankroll. Let’s have clear examples to see what we really mean here.

Example :  I have a bankroll of $1,000 in my bank. I want to set aside some money so that I can use to bet on soccer games. Am an Amateur and want to make side cash.

Now what we do is use the percentages described above, for instance 3 % . ( 3/100 *  $1000 ) =  $30  . So from our calculation, we see that from a $1,000 bankroll , we need to put aside only $30 for betting.

Example 2 :  Using the same bankroll of $1,000  in my bank, as an experienced bettor. We shall use a ratio of 15% . ( 15/100 * $1,000) = $150 . So in this example, we only set aside $150 for betting.

2. Know Your Sport , Follow a pattern in betting

Now that you have set aside the amount needed to start your betting journey, time to follow a pattern . Betting should be planned for the long term profits and not a get rich quick scheme. If you do that, the bookie will always win in the long run.

Place bets on a sport you know and have clear idea of whats taking place. You should not bet on a sport were you are not aware of the rules and some vital information.

For Example Tennis :  Tennis has retirement rules that may rule out your bet. Let’s say you place a bet on a selection and it does not win first the first set but the other player wins the set and gets injury. Your bet loses,If you had no Idea then that will be bad for you.

In Football betting for instance, there are many markets available . You must find one that best suites you that you can easily place and win with less effort.  There is 1×2 market,over/under and so on. Find the one that you can easily make out with.

A lot of people fail here as many just follow instincts and  and personal love for the club. Have information and evaluate your data and later on make your prediction. This is were some bettors may seek help elsewhere and look to buy football predictions .

But Where can you find the best tipster who is not a Scammer?

Many so called tipsters out there are full of scam and some may not even be the original publishers. They just copy and tips from free sites and bring low quality tips. Things to consider before buying tips from tipsters ;

  • How long has the tipster been doing that work? – 3+ years is good as you will have enough data to compare performance.
  •  What price does the tipster charge compared to the odds offered – Some tipsters may go ahead and charge $90+ just for a 1.5 odd tip ! Imagine if that loses, avoid those tipsters at all cost.
  • Does the tipster have reviews? – Even a single review is enough. A person who takes time and post a review genuinely likes or hates the service to the extent of posting a review.
  • Subscription based is better than singles tips –  Subscription based of ether weekly,monthly or yearly is usually the best. This is because many are genuine as they will want to retain the clients. Not the scammer who will want a one time off payment.
  • Support Offered –  Sometimes a game may be posted but you don’t find it. You contact support and your replay comes the next day, the bet will have played . And so you will miss out. Tipsters will live chat are ideal.


3. Do Not Chase Losses

After placing a bet and see that it has lost, leave it and move on. Don’t ever chase that loss as it will accumulate more losses .Just take a breath, look through your next bets and prepare to begin again. This is  a Golden Rule . Don’t Ever Break It. 

4. Use Same Stakes on Your Bets

If you have got your bets laid up, time to place bets in the most professional way possible. At Profit Tips Betting , we advice all of our clients to have bets for at least 5 days straight.


This is to cover any losses that may arise when you have long losing runs. Every tipster and bettor out there have their bad days. When you have this much amount to place bets on those days,they you will smoothly place bets worry free.

And Remember to use same stakes. Lets say if am betting $10 a bet, a will always use that for all  bets . No matter how tempting a match sounds,same stakes please. This will help you see the progress and performance of the bets.

Using same stakes helps also prevent the urge to continue placing bets without uniformity or with a clear head. When you use same stakes, each day will be planned for and thus each day with their bets.

5. Record Performance of your performance and bets

Every bet should be recorded down. Every day and month should be recorded and if possible create a graph or chat for your data and have a graphical view. This will help you reflect on what your best bets,months and tipster were. It will also give you what to improve and what to stop doing.



The 5 Secrets Of Football Betting To Win


It will predict also what your projected earnings might be overall if you continue doing what you are doing currently. The graph can help in trying out new ways of improving the overall performance in trial and error. Just like optimizing a website, your betting life needs to constantly be optimized for best performances.

When you try out new things and methods , you find out what works and what does not. Best to adapt what works and discard what doesn’t. Always aim at maximizing profit always.


Betting is a way of life . Having discipline in what ever you do will bring you good results in the long run. Manage your stakes well and avoid pulse betting (betting on impulse ) .

Use same stakes always, this will make you easily calculate your losses and profit. Will help keep check on un planned bets that you may want to place.

Remember :  Never Ever Chase Your Losses. If its gone, its Gone !

Keep your results and statistics intact. They are your guide to fine tune your betting life. Use google spreadsheets which is a free tool that’s accessible anywhere online to help you organize and keep track of your bets.