‘They are not serious’ – France World Cup winner rips into Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann with on-air rant

French World Cup winner Christophe Dugarry has launched a stinging attack on Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann and suggested they are more interested in promoting their celebrity lifestyle than playing football.

Dugarry, won the 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Championships with France, crticisied Manchester United midfielder Pogba for taking part in a new TV series on Canal+ called ‘Pogba Mondial. The ‘Pogsérie’, that will look at the life of the midfielder who moved to Old Trafford for £89m in August 2016.

Atletico Madrid striker Griezmann was a guest on the first episode of the show and Dugarry suggests the platform is being used to promote their marketability at a time when they should be focusing on their sporting pursuits.

“They are not serious. Pogba and Griezmann are leaders,” declared Dugarry on RMC. “They are considered big players and they put as an example. But when you lose, you sign a contract with Canal + to sell these stupidities.

“You are not starting for Manchester United, just lost a game with the France national team. You send out this program that doesn’t make sense. You have just lost. That says to us that you are not concentrated. You are not going well and you make us your Pogséries. What craziness is that?

“At some point, is there not someone in your group to say to you to ‘concentrate on your game, on your profession, in what you have to do, you have a whole country behind you’?

“A country that wants to do well in the World Cup, and you make these stupid things for us. You are Pogba, you are Griezmann, third in the last Balon d’Or. You are an important person on this team. The rest put confidence in progressing with these players. But Pogba and Griezmann don’t know it.

“They are at any time, a rapper, the next they are producers, the next they are dancers, another time they are footballers, another time basketball players. Griezmann has said that he would prefer to play basketball. We are three months from the World Cup, concentrate yourself, it’s up to you show us the way.”

The outspoken comments echo the sentiments of former Manchester United skipper Roy Keane, who has suggested Pogba needs to focus on football and not his social media activity in a season when he has lost his place in Jose Mourinho’s United team.